First time playing Dreamlords? New Era just started? Then get ready for the tutorial.

When you first log on to Dreamlords you will immediately be put on a map just for the first part of the tutorial. Follow the directions on screen to learn basic controls and how to move around in the world of Dreamlords. Make your way to the stone, then the little girl, reading the directions and information boxes that appear on screen. Find the little girl then defeat the Swamp Grunts that attack you. Then follow or go straight to the small village and defend it from more attacking Swamp Grunts. After defeating these threats, Victory! will appear on your screen. Collect your treasure from completing this opening mission and exit out for your first look at the entire Patria.

Once your on your Patria, follow the directions on screen and move to the city located next to your current location. Once there, select attack and entire this map. This is the second of the two maps created only for the tutorial and you will not be able to reenter this map once you have finished. Enter the town and go towards the center of the city. You will be given instructions to kill two squads of attacking Swamp Grunts and given a squad of melee units according to your race and then talk to two masters of the city. Either use the melee units or do not, as they are not necessary to kill the low level squads. Once the enemies have been defeated, go back to the town and locate the two masters who will appear as NPC Hero units on your screen. Once both tasks have been completed, the melee units will return to the center of town and drop supplies for your Dreamlord to pick up. Maneuver your Dreamlord to the supplies and after a final message you will receive the Victory! message a second time. Collect your treasure and exit back to you Patria.

Congratulations, you have finish the tutorial and can now begin exploring, starting with the territory nearest you. Don't forget to visit your Patria Manager by clicking the forth button on the top-left that appears as a city.

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