History of the ThulEdit

Many years ago on the plains of Kellh, a being known as the Dreamer appeared. The Dreamer has the ability to feed off and generate power from both dreams and nightmares. The people of Kellh lived in constant fear and as such would have nightmares about invasions. Because of this, the Dreamer conjured up the Nedom Wolven. They were creatures of pure destruction. After destroying the First Kingdom, the great warrior Azroc, with the help of his long time companion, Ifallo, fought a great battle with the Nedom Wolven. After many years, the war culminated in a battle on Mount Thule. In the end, Azroc and Ifallo were successful, but during the battle blood from the Nedom Wolven was spilled in the surrounding waters.

"Azroc turned to Ifallo, and together they set out to destroy the Nedom Wolven, but it in turn had grown infinitely potent from devouring The First Kingdom and had sprouted many fangs, tusks and claws with which it did battle. Then Azroc and Ifallo turned to Cragg, the Cynos of Strength and Ernok, the Cynos of Death. Together they waged war on the Nedom Wolven for an eternity, and in the end they were victorious through cunning and strength."
– The First Dreamings, chapter 5

This was the only source of water for a race known as the Thul. The Thul were a large and strong race, yet fairly peaceful and civilized. However, as the Thul drank more and more from the tainted water, it is said that the blood spoke to the Thul and soon they began to plot a scheme through which the remembrance of the Great Devourer would be assured forever.

"During the dynasty of Lumè, The Divine Concord would come to an end. At the city of Ez-Carban the people found an immense army at their gates. It was the Thûl, which had come to pay tribute to The Great Devourer. The Thûl measured three men in height and carried the strength of a dozen men. In the centuries that had passed since their disappearance they had grown the fangs and claws of the Nedom Wolven. They slew all the people of Ez-Carban except for one woman, one man and one child, as shall they always do in order to let the tales of the Great Devourer spread throughout the worlds."
– The First Dreamings, chapter 7

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