Originating from mount Thûle, where their forefathers once drank the waters tainted with the Nedom Wolven's blood, turning them into beasts more than men. Though they by that time lived to spread the word of Nedom through bloodshed and fear, their ultimate savior and Cynos, they have since then calmed themselves in their beliefs and bloodlust. While no longer bound to blindly and zealously follow Nedom, they still hold to many of their shamanistic rituals and customs and is the one race who excels in swift and brutal melee combat above all others.

Thul History

Thûl UnitsEdit


Melee Bloodclaw

Ranged Glowfur

Assault Rawpaw

Support Shaman


Elite Melee Goretusk

Elite Ranged Emberfang

Elite Assault Blackhide

Elite Support Tribelord


Hero Chieftain

Elite Hero Patriarch

A Guide to Thul units(Really out of date)

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