Signals the beginning of the end for an Era. Large monsters have invaded your Patria, and threaten to destroy all that you have built. The Nightmares have finally reached a point where they can start mass breeding one of their most powerful beings; the Nightmare Seeder. They are here to make the final preparations, to devour what little left is needed for them to be able to call upon the bringer of ultimate destruction and fear. Defeat those you can, and flee from those who you can not. There will be a next time...

"One would think that the Nightmares come after the arrival of the quiet darkness of night, and not in a temptest of fire and chaos. The Nightmares are here, and they want nothing but suffering for you, your people and their children. In every living being's heart they will plant an endless night of suffering."

World's Dusk Level 30
World's Dusk Level 40
World's Dusk Level 50
World's Dusk Level 60
World's Dusk Level 70
World's Dusk Level 80
World's Dusk Level 90
World's Dusk Level 100

Era 2 World Dusk Edit

Level ?

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