Speedy (SPD) was created in Era 1 by SpeedyNight. He didn't want to join another convergence, so he created his own for only 100 soul shards!

Now This Convergence is... Edit

I wish the members were...


The convergence was created in Era 1, but SpeedyNight was a noob then and could not figure out how to get more members. Now the convergence is almost full, but the problem is not getting members: it's getting active members.

Era 1 Edit

After the convergence was made, the chancellor didn't notice that he had to recruit members. As a result, the first members were not recruited until the end of this Era meaning little progress for the convergence.

Era 2 Edit

Many players joined this convergence because it had no Gnosis requirement, and as a result, most of the members are new players who are rarely active. The convergence was going no where...

Era 3 Edit

The Gnosis minimum was set to 400 to prune out begginners, but still very few active members joined. Convergence quests were not being completed, so SpeedyNight started to kick out members that had low Gnosis and were inactive for a period of time. Hopefully by the end of this Era, Speedy will get more active members...

Members Edit

The current members are: Edit

SpeedyNight (chancellor)




NightDreamer (warlord)





Other members have to post their names since they change...

Chancellors Edit

Archmages Edit

Warlords Edit

If you want to join... Edit

If you want to join this convergence, message SpeedyNight or add him in-game (he is very active). If you are active and have a good amount of Gnosis, he is sure to find you a spot by kicking out a weaker member.


Era 1 Edit

The convergence is created!

Era 2 Edit


Era 3 Edit


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