Scrolls give the correspondent building a % of output efficiency. There are 2 kinds of scrolls:

  • Loot Scrolls: Are rare drops from finished patria missions.
  • Crafted Scrolls: Need a determined skill of Dreamsorcery, one Scroll formula, some Papyrus and one Essence.

Both are subdivised by the same 5 levels of eficiency output, from 1% to 5%, and by the same 12 types of buildings of your patria.


Essences are components to craft scrolls.
There are 5 kinds of essences, one for each level of scroll, subdivised in 12 types, one for each type of building of your patria.
The Essence determines which building can use the crafted scroll.
For more information see the topic Types of Scrolls bellow.


Papyrus are components to craft scrolls.
There are 5 types of papyrus, one for each level of scroll.
For more information see the topic Types of Scrolls By Output Bonus Level bellow.

Scroll FormulasEdit

Scroll formulas are the recipe for making scrolls.
The formula tells what kinds of ingredients you need and the apropriate crafting skill.
For more information see the topic Types of Scrolls By Output Bonus Level bellow.

Types of ScrollsEdit

By EssenceEdit

also by Building or last name of ScrollEdit

The type of essence determines which building can use it and also the last name of the scroll.

Ordened by Essence name Ordened by Building name
Type of Essence Building Type
Dextrousness Dreamweaving
Discipline Warfare
Earth Gathering
Forest Lumbering
Healing Medical Care
Hunting Beast Hunting
Leadership Welfare
Mountain Ore Mining
Ravine Stone Quarrying
Shaping Dreamforging
Victory War Strategy
Wealth Commerce*
Witchcraft Dreamsorcery
Building Type Type of Essence
Beast Hunting Hunting
Commerce* Wealth
Dreamforging Shaping
Dreamsorcery Witchcraft
Dreamweaving Dextrousness
Gathering Earth
Lumbering Forest
Medical Care Healing
Ore Mining Mountain
Stone Quarrying Ravine
War Strategy Victory
Warfare Discipline
Welfare Leadership
* useless item (was for a building that existed in early beta)

By Output Bonus LevelEdit

also by Crafting level, or Scroll name, or Formula name, or type of Papyrus, or Essence nameEdit

Ordened by Output Bonus Level
Bonus Loot Scroll Crafted Scroll
Name Value
Neophyte 7
Partisan 37
Wise Man 67
Wizard 97
Philosopher 127
Name (also Formula name) Value Craft Skill Papyrus Essence
Apprentice 5 Basic 4 Tattered Subtle
Scholar 25 Intermediate 6 Frail Mysterious
Disciple 45 Advanced 9 Sturdy Pulsing
Sage 65 Superior 12 Fine Vigorous
Master 85 Ultimate 15 Pristine Fiery


The names of scrolls and essences are a bit complicated, but can be structured as follow:

Essence namesEdit

The name of the essence is composed by three terms:

  • The name of its level: Subtle, Mysterious, Pulsing, Vigorous or Fiery
  • The term Essence of
  • And the type of the Essence: Dextrousness, Discipline, Earth, Forest, Healing, Hunting, Leadership, Mountain, Ravine, Shaping, Victory, Wealth or Witchcraft.

Examples of names:

  • Subtle Essence of Discipline
  • Pulsing Essence of Forest
  • Fiery Essence of Victory

Scroll namesEdit

The names of the scroll is also composed by three terms:

  • The name of its level: Neophyte or Apprentice, Partisan or Scholar, Wise Man or Disciple, Wizard or Sage and Philosopher or Master
  • The term Scroll of
  • And the type of the Building that it can be used, corresponding to the essence used (craft ones):Beast Hunting, Commerce, Dreamforging, Dreamsorcery, Dreamweaving, Gathering, Lumbering, Medical Care, Ore Mining, Stone Quarrying, War Strategy, Warfare, or Welfare

Examples of names:

  • Neophyte Scroll of Dreamforging
  • Apprentice Scroll of Dreamforging
  • Wise Man Scroll of Ore Mining

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