After you join a Convergence you can now join the PvP battle side of Dreamlords. When you enter the PvP area of Dreamlords, on the top left side of the screen will be a grid-like map with small islands arranged on it from lowest to highest PvP levl requirement from left to right, top to bottom. Each island on this small grid represents an area you can fight to climb land. Start your way from the edge of an island and claim up to a maximum of 6 territories for your Convergence. You can give-up territories you claimed to capture new land, but the Chancellor or Warlord must remove any other land. Conceivably, the best land to own is the hardest to get to, furthermost away from an edge or least trafficked. Beware, as soon as you begin claiming land it takes 10 minutes to become yours and at any time another player may challenge you. You can also challenge players near your territory (if you do not have 6 lands). On your territory or on the edge of the island, regardless of whether you have 6 territories or not, you can attack others.

From lowest level PvP requirement to highest;

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