Persistent RTSEdit

Dreamlords is different than other RTS games. Your army, your building research, your trained unit abilities persist all the time. While you're sleeping or at school or work, your followers are busy training technologies and adding items to your item inventory.

It's up to you, as the player and commander, to assign them tasks to maximize your evolution.

Multiple Game ModesEdit

Player vs Environment (PvE)Edit

Dreamlords has dozens of locations where you can battle against monsters and demons to collect loot and unlock new missions. Collect loot for crafting or items to equip. Take on missions where you save the helpless from predators and take down monster bosses. Earn valuable rewards for your effort.

Player vs Player (PvP)Edit

Go head to head and the player with the better micromanagement and war strategy will be the victor. You only battle other players who are near your level, so matchups are balanced. Participating in PvP battles are not required for you to achieve high ranks.


Collect the right ingredients for creating powerful weapons and equipment. Specialize in blacksmithing (Dreamforging), sorcery (Dreamsorcery), or tailoring (Dreamweaving).


Teamwork is everything in Dreamlords. When you join a Convergence, you automatically get a private forum, a trading vault, and bonuses when your Convergence does well.

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