List of Orbs Edit

Sorcerer’s Orb
Pagan’s Orb
Enchanter’s Orb
Witches’ Orb
Magician’s Orb
Crone’s Orb
Flesh Puppy's Orb
Necromancer’s Orb
Occultist’s Orb
Diviner’s Orb
Warlock’s Orb
Nightmare General’s Heart

Orbs you can find Edit

These orbs can be found from looting the Nightmares that you kill in PvE maps. These drops are completely random.

Orbs you can craft Edit

Some orbs can be crafted using dreamsorcery. They have slightly different names than their found counterparts, but the stats are exactly the same.

Rare orbs Edit

Stompers Orb

Rare Craftable Orbs Edit

Mothers Heart Items

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