The Nihilim was formed in the underworld of the Covenant society by a group of people who believed that the doctrine wasn't the right and only way to solve the problem of the nearly unstoppable Thûl. Logical and calculating, skilled in the use of magic and with the aid of an old and wise character named Ghûnan, they diverged to cast a stasis spell on the Thûl using the very force – the Gnosis – of the world, but failed to control the massive forces they unleashed, ripping the world into what it is today. The Nihilim have since then learned much from their mistakes and mastered the more subtle powers of magic, and stand out as masters of ranged battle spells.

Nihilim History

Nihilim Units Edit


Melee Judge

Ranged Proselyte

Assault Whipping Sorrow

Support Wraith


Elite Melee Mindblade

Elite Ranged Minister of Pain

Elite Assault Prefect

Elite Support Specter


Hero Atrocitus

Elite Hero Consul

A Nihilim's Guide to Ruling the Patria(Slightly out of date)

Dreamlord's race description of the Nihilim(Source - Lockpick)

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