May drop Mother's Hearts when killed, and formulas if killed before the time limit. Appears as part of any Nightmare Womb mission which happen randomly except for treasure chests and boss battle locations. The Nightmare Spikes near her will always be a higher level than she is.

Appears on the following PvE Maps:

Skills Used:

Birth Protection(*)
Immunity to Spells
Mother's Suffering
Hostile Aura
+50% Melee Damage on Self
2% Damage on Self
Duration 1
5.01 Damage/s
-5.01 Morale/s
Pride of Motherhood(**)
+150% Melee Damage
+150% Armor

(*Before all three Nightmare Spikes are killed)
(**After she gives birth and until you kill one of her offspring)


Mother's Heart - Ingredient
Mother's Orb of Nurturing (Formula)* - Formula
Mother's Orb of Caring (Formula)* - Formula
Mother's Orb of Unconditional Love (Formula)* - Formula

(*Only if killed before timer runs out and she gives birth)

(Numbers in parenthesis represent totals while using Pride of Motherhood)

Level 1Edit

Health 240 (1 unit) Melee 63(173)
Defense 2500(6250) Ranged ~
Morale ~ Distance ~
Morale Regen ~ Speed ~

Level 2Edit

Health 707 (1 unit) Melee 69(173)
Defense 2500(6250) Ranged ~
Morale ~ Distance ~
Morale Regen ~ Speed ~

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