The Gargantua can be found on the Highlands, Cloud Pass, Midyard and Lush Woods and appear in the ranges of 6-19.


Wobbly Gargantua Dwarfling:(6-10) These can't be much of a problem. Right?

Wild Gargantua:(9-13) Fast, feral and furious, and often the main character in stories meant to... motivate children.
May drop Red Bush Pigment.

Screaming Gargantua:(12-16) Maybe it's their booming shout or huge solid hump of armament people call their "paw" - these definitely leave a mark.
May drop Mirage Metal.

Red Slayer Gargantua:(15-19) A strange gargantua whose "paw" hasn't completely decided whether to become corporeal or stay on the nightmare plane, making it able to pass through armor.
May drop Ginger Leather.

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