Start: 2008-10-24 13:0 End: 2008-11-1 1:59 Timezone: GMT-5

The gates of the Underworld have opened and fallen souls can finally enter the Realm of the Afterlife. As you hear the distant subterranean sound of marching feet, you know that it will not only allow the souls of the deceased to leave, it will also allow evil spirits to enter, eager to feast on man and woman alike. As the mayhem begins, a malevolent King enters your land with hordes of big-headed minions at his command.

To the hails of the Pumpkin King, the Feast of Ghouls has begun!

This feast will go on for seven days and during this time the minions of the King - the Pumpkin Heads – will spawn on your land. Slay them to gather enough ingredients to craft a weapon that can slay the King himself. If you manage to do that, you will get a special reward. If you are lucky, some Pumpkin Heads can drop this rare formula, but it can also be purchased at the Altar of Cynos along with other special offers that only will be for sale during the Feast of Ghouls.

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