Expedition is the 'cost' to add a unit to your army in PvE.

The more workers you have in your military building, the higher your available expedition will be. Traits, orbs, scrolls, and some CV quests can also grant bonuses to your expedition limit.

Expedition costsEdit

The following is the general expedition cost per unit for each of the unit levels:

  • Regular
    • Tier 1(T1) - 30 -(Army costs for 7 units: 210)
    • Tier 2(T2) - 39 -(Army costs for 7 units: 273)
    • Tier 3(T3) - 53 -(Army costs for 7 units: 371)
  • Elite
    • Tier 1(T1) - 70 -(Army costs for 7 units: 490)
    • Tier 2(T2) - 92 -(Army costs for 7 units: 644)
    • Tier 3(T3) - 120 (Army costs for 7 units: 840)

Note: In order to research an Elite unit, you must first fully research the Regular unit associated with it.

For example, in order to research the Specter unit, you must first research Wraiths up to Tier 3

Specific UnitsEdit

Covenant UnitsEdit

Nihilim UnitsEdit

Thûl UnitsEdit

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