In the course of game play, there are periodic resets every couple of months. These periods are called Eras, and your patria resets to the beginning. To usher in a new era The World's Dusk event happens before the reset.

What doesn't carry over Edit

Your followers, race, buildings and most items will not carry over to the next Era.

What does carry over Edit

Dreamlord equipment, all Traits points (normal and elective), medals, Divine interventions, Flesh Sac Items and your Dreamlord Rank, record of wins, record of eras played, medals, Dreamlord Equipment Charms, Charm of trembling skies

The Different Eras Edit

Closed Beta - The beginning
Closed Beta 2 - The continuance
Open Beta - The new beginning
Open Release - The Era of Convergences
Era 2 - The Era of Heros
Era 3 - The Era of Strife

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