Value 5Edit

Clouded Glass
Simple Horn
Mountain Wool
Simple Wooden Stick
Toxic Blood
Sea Wool
Course Linen
Tempered Wood

Value 25Edit

Thick Sinew
Iron Nail
Carnelia Leather
Dried Bloodroot
Mortalia Snake
Mirage Metal
Sea Bed Feather
Red Bush Pigment

Value 45Edit

Leather Strap
Blood Eagle Feather
Ginger Leather
Bloodtree Sap
Wooden Staff
Beast Bones
Witch Hazel

Value 65Edit

Crystalized Dusk
Quality Wooden Stick
Speckled Leather
Quality Weave
Quality Horn
Pure Sorbus Resin
Tempered Metal
Cursed Skull

Value 85Edit

Raven Metal
Glowing Feather
Quality Cotton
Warrior's Roar
Holy Ornament of Loyalty
Gold Thread
Studded Leather
Fiery Gem

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