Side-Items; Accessories; Items that are neither a weapon nor armor but can be used by military units in order to enhance the unit's abilities. Different Equipment types vary in minimum required gear level in order to be equipped, as they also vary in the amount and type of bonus they provide. Typical equipment types include but are not limited to: Buckler, Arrows, Scope, Standard, Horn, Talisman, Bandage, offering a bonus in defense, ranged damage, range distance, morale generation, max morale, melee damage, and max hit points respectively. These names may be prefixed by a rank, such as Soldier's, Knight's, Champion's, Conqueror's, Scounder's, Rogue's, Outlaw's, Villain's, etc, each corresponding to a certain item value and by extension a different amount of bonus. Some of these prefix names provide equivalent levels of effects, except one may be randomly dropped in PVE battles while another may only be produced via Dream-Weaving craft.

Soldier's GearEdit

Soldier’s Standard
Soldier’s Horn
Soldier’s Scope
Soldier’s Boots
Soldier’s Arrows
Soldier’s Bandage
Soldier’s Buckler
Soldier’s Talisman

Scoundrel's GearEdit

Scoundrel’s Standard
Scoundrel’s Horn
Scoundrel’s Scope
Scoundrel’s Boots
Scoundrel’s Arrows
Scoundrel’s Bandage
Scoundrel’s Buckler
Scoundrel’s Talisman
Scoundrel’s Buckler of Minor Power

Knight's GearEdit

Knight’s Standard
Knight’s Horn
Knight’s Scope
Knight’s Boots
Knight’s Arrows
Knight’s Bandage
Knight’s Buckler
Knight’s Talisman
Knight’s Scope of Basic Stamina
Knight’s Arrows of Basic Stamina
Knight’s Bandage of Basic Stamina
Knight’s Talisman of Basic Stamina

Bandit's GearEdit

Bandit’s Standard
Bandit’s Horn
Bandit’s Scope
Bandit’s Boots
Bandit’s Arrows
Bandit’s Buckler
Bandit’s Talisman
Bandit’s Buckler of Basic Stamina

Champion's GearEdit

Champion’s Standard
Champion’s Horn
Champion’s Scope
Champion’s Boots
Champion’s Arrows
Champion’s Bandage
Champion’s Buckler
Champion’s Talisman
Champion’s Bandage of Basic Stamina

Conqueror's GearEdit

Conqueror’s Standard
Conqueror’s HornConqueror’s Scope
Conqueror’s BootsConqueror’s Arrows
Conqueror’s Bandage
Conqueror’s Buckler
Conqueror’s Talisman
Conqueror’s Talisman of Basic Stamina

Rogue's GearEdit

Rogue’s Bandage
Rogue’s Buckler
Rogue’s Talisman
Rogue’s Talisman of Basic Stamina
Rogue’s Standard
Rogue’s Horn
Rogue’s Scope
Rogue’s Boots
Rogue’s Arrows

Warlord's GearEdit

Warlord’s Standard
Warlord’s Horn
Warlord’s Scope
Warlord’s Boots
Warlord’s Arrows
Warlord’s Bandage
Warlord’s Buckler
Warlord’s Talisman

Outlaw's GearEdit

Outlaw’s Arrows
Outlaw’s Bandage of Basic Stamina
Outlaw’s Bandage
Outlaw’s Buckler
Outlaw’s Talisman
Outlaw’s Standard
Outlaw’s Horn
Outlaw’s Scope
Outlaw’s Boots

Villain's GearEdit

Villain’s Arrows
Villain’s Scope
Villain’s Boots
Villain’s Bandage
Villain’s Buckler
Villain’s Talisman
Villain’s Standard
Villain’s Horn

Miscellaneous Army GearEdit

Small Apple Pie
Medium Apple Pie
Big Apple Pie
Soul Eaters Goblet of Death
Soul Hunter’s Arrows

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