The Dreamlord is your Persona while in the world of Dreamlords. Your Dreamlord is the collection of all the dreams of the people in your land, or patria, and thus the more followers you have following you, the stronger you become. While he appears godly he can be destroyed just like any unit in the game and if he is defeated in the land of your people (PvE), they will lose faith and the mission will be an automatic failure. However if he should fall in a battle against another Dreamlord (PvP) he will be able to reform after a period of time, determined by his strength, by clicking on the Gnosis orb in the Top left corner.

Choose your Color and Gender wisely, for you will not be able to change them later.

Dreamlord levels are relative to the amount of followers you have, and while the level has no value, it can be a good measure of the strength of an opponent in PvP before facing him/her. Dreamlord Levels

Dreamlord equipment is available in the Altar of Cynos. These is the only items that can be worn by your dreamlord.

Dreamlord skillsEdit

Dissolve: 50% movement and 1% damage per second for 8 seconds.
Gnosis Defense: +10% armor -4 ranged -4 melee damage, passive
Bolts of Fear: 20% armor piercing ranged attacks, passive.
Gnosis Haste: 10% increased movement speed, passive.
Astral Avoidance: 10% chance to block, passive.
Mental Sight: 25% range
Shadows of Distraction: teleport up to "30 meters"
Pride of Fools: -80% armor, and +25% ranged and melee damage for 10 seconds
Guided Shields: adds armor (+2000 maybe +1500)
Hymn of War: +200 ranged and melee damage for 5 seconds. Can be used on any unit.
Dream of Agony: +325 threat, deal 250 damage.
Calming Minds: -40% threat
Ancient Wounds: deal 200 damage.

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