About Deadsprite Edit

After tearing up the music charts with his hit songs "Midget Innard Turbins" and "Kill Yourself with My Fist", this Jazz-Rockabilly Fusion artist decided to lose the mandalin in exchange for a brush and has not stopped working since. Though alot has changed about this cretinous crenshaw, his flair for life has not changed. His work has been said as to have "a hermaphroditic tone" by the Southern Gazette and "how dare he draw Hitler in that position" by Ladies Home Journal. By day he spends his time assaulting small children with rubber pool noodles and by night he dresses up as a gorilla and gives sermons to his dogs about the Medieval god Gigliomominitesh.

He is also known for doing nasty things to reheated dead pandas.

Dreamlords Related Edit

Former Chancellor of HFC during CB era 1
Former Member of COW
Current member and Archmage of BFF

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