Began July when invites were sent out to Aeria games members. Ended mid-August

Lore Edit

The new beginning, after the fall of the first dreamlords, having conquered the nightmares, people stopped dreaming. No longer were dreamlords needed. Weakened by the lack of dreams, the dreamlords slowly dissolved themselves back into gnosis, the essense of the world. However, it would not be the last time that the dreamlords would be called to rise again.

After the attack from the Thul, the rebellion of the Nihilim, and the clash against the faithful covenant, the lands were ripped asunder. Now, across all the different lands were called, no only from the original, but the cry for help reached all as new nightmares spawned. Sensing the need for new dreamlords to rise into place, Cael, cynos of time, prepared a place for the neophyte dreamlords to train and practice before entering the world.

However, it was not only the covenant, but Thul and Nihilim also relied upon their dreams to conjure their own dreamlords, for they too desired to dominate across the land. However, this place of preparation was only made for a select few, those considered by special selection to join, for Cael knew that there would be issues as the dreamlords advanced across their patria.

And indeed, many issues were there, not only were there the rampant nightmares, but there were dreamlords finding ways to manipulate their patria, finding holes into Cael's world. However overall, Cael was satisfied with the progression of the dreamlords. Cael then decided to continue on with the test, and introduced these new dreamlords into the World's Dusk, the time where the nightmares would band together to try to take over the patria, the future that Cael knew was to come. Some of the young dreamlords fought valiently, but to no avail, finally, Cael decided to do one last test, for often had he turned back the wheel of time back to the beginning. This was the end of the first Closed Beta Era, lost in the annals of history.

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