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Thul Unit

Regular Hero

Tier 1Edit

Health ? Melee ?
Defense ? Ranged ~
Morale ? Distance ~
Morale Regen ? Speed ?
Squad Size 1
Available Ability: Tribal Dance

Tier 2Edit

Health 2881 Melee 141
Defense 2500 Ranged ~
Morale 2439 Distance ~
Morale Regen 5%/s Speed 5.92
Squad Size 1
Available Ability: Fearless Roar

Tier 3Edit

Health 4554 Melee 194
Defense 2500 Ranged ~
Morale 3558 Distance ~
Morale Regen 6%/s Speed 5.97
Squad Size 1
Available Ability: Beastial Gluttony

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