The Boars can be found on the Hunting Grounds and Highlands and appear in the ranges of 1-11.


Robust Boar:(1-4) Tough and aggressive packs of Elysian boars, that didn't seem to mind the cataclysmic rupture of the world that much. There is more mud now than ever, after all...
May drop Wooden Stick

Rapid White Boar:(3-7) Adapted to the open fields where the lack of things to run and hide behind have evolved them into fast and agile hunters, rather than prey.
May drop Simple Horn

Mad Razorback:(6-10) Alone, extremely aggressive and with a bite that can crush bones. Probably an alpha, having lost its supremacy over the flock... or gone berserk and slaughtered the flock members one by one.
May drop Mortalia Snake

Toxic Boar:(7-11) From the deepest dark woods in ancient times. Magically infused toxins in their veins cause everything around them to wither and decay.
May drop Iron Nail

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