Soldier's GearEdit

Soldier’s Shortbow
Soldier’s Sword
Soldier’s Crossbow
Soldier’s Polearm
Soldier’s Longbow
Soldier’s Hammer
Soldier’s Ringmail
Soldier’s Scalemail
Soldier’s Platemail
Soldier’s Ringmail of Minor Relentlessness
Soldier’s Scalemail of Minor Accuracy

Scoundrel's GearEdit

Scoundrel’s Shortbow
Scoundrel’s Sword
Scoundrel’s Crossbow
Scoundrel’s Polearm
Scoundrel’s Longbow
Scoundrel’s Hammer
Scoundrel’s Ringmail
Scoundrel’s Scalemail
Scoundrel’s Platemail

Knight's GearEdit

Knight’s Shortbow
Knight’s Sword
Knight’s Crossbow
Knight’s Polearm
Knight’s Longbow
Knight’s Hammer
Knight’s Ringmail
Knight’s Scalemail
Knight’s Ringmail of Minor Defense
Knight’s Platemail

Bandit's GearEdit

Bandit’s Shortbow
Bandit’s Sword
Bandit’s Crossbow
Bandit’s Polearm
Bandit’s Longbow
Bandit’s Hammer
Bandit’s Ringmail
Bandit’s Scalemail
Bandit’s Platemail

Champion's GearEdit

Champion’s Shortbow
Champion’s Sword
Champion’s Crossbow
Champion’s Polearm
Champion’s Longbow
Champion’s Hammer
Champion’s Polearm of Great Power
Champion’s Hammer of Great Power
Champion’s Ringmail
Champion’s Scalemail
Champion’s Platemail
Champion’s Scalemail of Great Defense
Champion’s Platemail of Great Defense

Conqueror's GearEdit

Conqueror’s Shortbow
Conqueror’s Sword
Conqueror’s Crossbow
Conqueror’s Polearm
Conqueror’s Longbow
Conqueror’s Hammer
Conqueror’s Hammer of Great Power
Conqueror’s Ringmail
Conqueror’s Scalemail
Conqueror’s Platemail

Rogue's GearEdit

Rogue’s Shortbow
Rogue’s Sword
Rogue’s Crossbow
Rogue’s Polearm
Rogue’s Longbow
Rogue’s Sword of Great Power
Rogue’s Hammer of Great Power
Rogue’s Ringmail
Rogue’s Scalemail
Rogue’s Platemail
Rogue’s Scalemail of Great Defense

Warlord's GearEdit

Warlord’s Sword
Warlord’s Ringmail
Warlord’s Scalemail
Warlord’s Platemail
Warlord’s Platemail of Great Defense

Outlaw's GearEdit

Outlaw’s Shortbow
Outlaw’s Sword
Outlaw’s Crossbow
Outlaw’s Polearm
Outlaw’s Longbow
Outlaw’s Hammer
Outlaw’s Ringmail
Outlaw’s Scalemail
Outlaw’s Platemail

Villain's GearEdit

Villain’s Shortbow
Villain’s Sword
Villain’s Crossbow
Villain’s Polearm
Villain’s Longbow
Villain’s Hammer
Villain’s Hammer of Great Power
Villain’s Ringmail
Villain’s Scalemail
Villain’s Platemail

Miscellaneous Army GearEdit

Miner’s Pickaxe
Skull Render’s Soul Cage

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