Angels of Peace is a Convergence founded by KTCAOP. This convergence was formed out of the remnants of the fighters of The Alliance. Originally known as KTC, when the game moved from Closed Beta to Open Beta, Gorion thought it would be humorous to have a guild named Angels of Peace though be one of the more active PvP convergences out there, thus KTCAOP created the Angels of Peace

Lore Edit

Rough Start Edit

The Angels of Peace did have a rough start. When KTCAOP was unable to log in for the first four days, many of the members of the Angels of Peace defected, going to other places. However, many of those people have returned or have accounts back in the Angels of Peace once again binding together to join in the battle against the nightmares.

The Continuation Edit

The Angels of Peace enjoyed a fun first era. With many people desiring to enter, with sad partings, with new members joinging on in. Throughout the first Era the Angels of Peace maintained a presence and fought to hold off the nightmares through the end of the eras. While they were not always on the front lines, they were often seen equiping new soldiers to join into the war. In the end, there was no victory, but neither was their failure. Entering the new Era the Angels of Peace geared up for war once again, only this time, a new danger loomed upon the horizon.

The Remodeling Edit

The Expansion Edit

Roster Edit

Roster Edit

Current Roster Edit

Descriptions Edit

KTCAOP - Chancellor(ette)

Scioned - Archmage and Fellow GameSage, Master Dreamweaver

Phylian - KTCAOP's Other Half... somewhat


bagelbob - Local Comedian and Power Puncher

Jarenight - Master Dreamforger

Talon112 - The one that stuck around, Master Dreamsorcerer

Xenos Tank - Old Faithful

Leiard - Mysterious Wanderer

The Spectre - Enemy turned friend, local ghost, ex-RTE member

Overlord Lords... over?

Witch - Cast her spell, poofed from CoF to AOP

NenRiki - Local Super Spy

8231101 - Don't drunk dial please!

Chancellor(ette) Edit

KTCAOP - The Founder of The Alliance and the Angels of Peace. Recreated The Alliance after some people had defected and The Alliance became a sister tribe to the Angels of Peace when it became full.

Warlords and Warladys Edit


Archmages Edit


Crafters Edit

Saphirah - 5/4/2
Jarenight - 0/5/2
Talon112 - 0/0/3
Shogun - 2/3/2
Scioned - 3/1/1

Dreamweaver Edit

Saphirah - 5 Stars

Dreamforger Edit

Jarenight - 5 Stars

DreamSorcerer Edit

Talon112 - 5 Stars


Hunter/Gatherers Edit

Hunter Edit

Gatherer Edit


Resourcers Edit

Xenos Tank
The Spectre

Ex-Members Edit

Gorion - Moved to become the Chancellor of The Alliance, and has since retired from the game
insomniac - Moved to RTE
ipneorama - moved to Shaiya
Cantsleep - No sleeping Pills Required (actually fell asleep)
12gauge - 12-Rounder (out of rounds)
Cherrie - Archmage - dropped off from the tree
Flayre - The one who could - stopped
Shogun - went back to his place of honor
Stratto - Got lost coming home
Altea Angel - French Classic - Classic fades
Suburu - Slick and stands by Bagelbob - decided to sit down instead
christina - Who sook refuge - found a new home

Acheivements Edit

Participated in the Convergence PvP Tournament on Friday, September 26th, 2008 along with KN and CoF
Convergence Highest Gnosis - Era 2

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